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Our Programs

NDLA offers full-time care that includes:

  • Infants, beginning at 6 weeks
  • Toddler program
  • Pre-school program for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age
  • Full day kindergarten
  • School-age before and/or after school program
  • From June 4th – August 24th  NDLA operates a full day summer camp
  • Evening Care available

All Locations offer Preschool For All

Q: What is Preschool for All?

A: What parents should know about Preschool for All

Preschool for All is a high-quality preschool Early Childhood Education program for 3- and 4-year-olds.  Sessions are 5 hours long, 2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon, 5 days a week.

The key components of the program include:

  • Certified Teachers with Type 04 Early Childhood Credentials.
  • Maximum class size of 20 children
  • High-quality curriculum and assessment of children’s developmental progress
  • Parent education and involvement
  • Community collaboration
  • Professional development, training and hands-on assistance for program staff
  • Monitoring by specialists to ensure high program quality

What does Preschool for All cost?

There is no additional cost to parents for the enhanced Preschool for All programs.

Q: Why do we need Preschool for All?

A: Reason #1: Thousands of children whose parents want them to have preschool do not have access. There are not enough spaces in existing programs for at-risk children, and there are many families who do not qualify for public programs but cannot afford access to a quality private preschool.

Reason #2: Children who get quality preschool are better prepared for success in school and in life. Research shows that children who participate in high-quality early learning programs have better language, math and social skills than their peers who have missed this opportunity.

Reason #3: Preschool investments make dollars spent on the K-12 years more productive. Children who get preschool are ready to succeed in kindergarten, have less need for expensive interventions like special education and are more likely to graduate high school. Early learning is not in competition with K-12 education – it is the first step toward lifelong learning!

Q: Who benefits from Preschool for All?

A:  Preschool for All benefits all Illinoisans.

Children. Children who get quality early learning experiences are ready to succeed in school, have fewer special education needs, are more likely to graduate and earn more as adults.

Low-income and working families. Only 47 percent of children from middle- and lower-income families go to preschool, compared to 66 percent of children from upper-income families. Preschool for All opens doors for all children.

Early childhood educators. Preschool for All creates professional development opportunities, improves program quality and enables practitioners to earn more by enhancing their qualifications.

Elementary schools. Children who attend high-quality preschool programs learn academic and social skills that enable them to enter kindergarten ready and eager to learn.