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My experience as a parent with NDLA has been awesome. The staff and teachers are very friendly, loving, informative, caring, and attentive to my children’s needs; very family oriented. My children have been attending since they were infants. They love the school and ask to come everyday, even on the weekends. They love their teachers and friends. They have developed and exceeded educational expectations for their age. NDLA offers great educational and extracurricular activities. The environment is stimulating and warm.


My child has attended NDLA II since she was 5 months old and she will be leaving for the start of the school year and she wants her teachers to go with her. NDLA has opened my eyes to what a good learning experience is. Overall I feel NDLA is a great school “where learning comes first.”

Myiesha Hardy

My experience as a parent with NDLC has been excellent, my kids are well taken care of. My toddler has learned a lot being at NDLC; he is very independent and has learned things that kids usually lean at age 4.

Felicitas Aguilar

Overall I feel NDLC is perfect and great for children.

Ms. Ariyo

NDLC has given me a feeling of ease and reassurance. It is never easy to leave your child in the care of others, yet my sons teacher Ms. Karen has been so warm welcoming and nurturing. Overall I feel NDLC is a very welcoming environment and I feel that as I familiarize myself with the center I become more aware of the day to day activities.

Monique Campbell

My experience with NDLC has been very good and I am grateful that the teachers work with my kids and my child’s experience has been awesome, they have learned a lot!



Porsche Williams

My child’s experience with NDLC has been excellent and we love the teacher. Overall I feel NDLC is doing a good job with my kids. My experience as a parent with NDLC has been very pleasant!

NDLC Parent

My child’s experience with NDLC has been excellent and we love the teacher!

Shelett Roberts - NDLC Parent

My experience as a parent with NDLA has been loving, consistent, and attentive. He comes home and brags about his day. Overall NDLA is an awesome establishment and I see the progress in my child

Ariel Keys

I always knew that NDLA owners truly cared for their families. However it was demonstrated to the upmost once the Child Care Funding Crisis began. During this time the owners held a meeting with the parents to discuss ways to keep the center open so parents could continue working. The content of this meeting was completely different than what I was anticipating. I expected to be told a specific amount needed for my children to continue to receive services however the meeting was nothing like that. The owners worked out an agreement individually with each family. This response showed me compassion and understanding which the owners have toward their families. I appreciate such kindness and thoughtful people. I pray God will continue to bless their business in many unthinkable ways.

Mona Washington